Fish Arrow Vivid Cruise 150


The Fish Arrow Vivid Cruise offers a mouthwatering baitfish imitation that is sure to keep your lines tight

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Fish Arrow Vivid Cruise Swim bait is crafted with a thoughtful and inventive design, Featuring a small magnet molded into the belly, the Fish Arrow Vivid Cruise holds the super-sharp double frog hook tight to the bottom of the bait to prevent snagging and help improve hook sets. In really thick slop, the hook can be rotated to hug the body of the bait for increased weedless-ness. Internally, the Fish Arrow Vivid Cruise features a triangular wire that connects the line-tie to the hook hanger. By implementing a triangular wire shape instead of a straight wire, the pressure from bass is distributed through two points to give anglers the extra strength and confidence for fighting big fish.Its thin yet powerful paddle tail moves the entire body of the bait as it swashes back-and-fourth. Made from a super-soft plastic and finished with 3D eyes, the Fish Arrow Vivid Cruise utilizes a unique construction and lifelike appearance that can attract and handle the biggest fish.

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