Fish Arrow Flash-J Finesse Bait


Deadly with a number of finesse techniques that will have the fish drooling.


The Fish Arrow Flash-J is a highly realistic baitfish imitation built for versatility on a variety of finesse techniques. The tapered tail offers a lively action that comes to life with the slightest of movements. The internal foil insert creates a brilliant flash that mimics the looks of fleeing baitfish, and the lifelike eye further adds to the realism of this bait. Flash-J can be rigged in various ways. Combine Flash-J with the Fish Arrow Spine Hook and a small tungsten nail weight to create a Spine Rig for the popular Hover Strolling technique, or pair the Flash-J with the Fish Arrow Wheel Head for a soft-bodied prop bait that excels at attacking the middle water column.

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3", 4"


Kosan Ayu/Silver, Green Pumpkin/Silver, Wakasagi/Silver, Neon Green/Silver, Live Gill Silver, Lake Wakasagi Silver, Kosan Ayu/Aurora, Wakasagi/Aurora, Ghost Wakasagi/Aurora


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