Fish Arrow Flash-J Shad Swimbait


The Fish Arrow Flash J Swim baits fool the wariest bass into biting with their unbelievable baitfish impersonation

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The Fish Arrow Flash-J-Shad built with a hard-thumping paddle-tail, the Fish Arrow Flash J Shad Swim baits take the proven effectiveness of the Flash J design and open it up to an even broader range of applications. Whether they’re fished weightless, on an umbrella rig, or drop-shot, the Fish Arrow Flash J Swim baits grab bass’ attention with a foil insert that replicates the erratic shine of a panicked shad. Built with an intricate scaling pattern and 3D eyes.

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3", 4"


Pro Blue/Silver, Kosan Ayu/Silver, Wakasagi/Silver, Neon Green/Silver, Green Pumpkin/Silver, Watermelon Silver


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