Evergreen Bow Worm


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Striking the perfect balance between finesse and power, the Evergreen Bow Worm Noodle blends an unimposingly thin profile with a long length that draws bites from big bass in pressured waters. The Bow Worm Noodle is designed to perform under tough conditions where most full-size worms exert an overpowering presence that can push finicky fish away. Instead, it slides under the surface with a narrow silhouette and spontaneous swinging, wriggling action that can convert any lock-jawed giant into an eager hunter.

In addition to its responsive action that comes to life with every twitch of the rod tip or flow of the water’s current, the Evergreen Bow Worm Noodle also beckons to bass with a specialized fusion of shrimp, squid, and bait fish flavors. The Bow Worm Noodle is available in a selection of proven colorways to maximize the productivity of your favorite weightless, wacky, drop shot, shaky head, Carolina rigs, and more. Expertly combining the drawing power of a long worm with the subtle action and finesse profile of a thin body, the Evergreen Bow Worm Noodle was born to keep rods bent and drags screaming!

Length8 inch

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Green Pumpkin, Dark Plum, Natural Eel, Special Mimizu


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