Duo Realis Spinbait 62 Alpha


62 Length: 2 1/2″ Weight: 3/8 oz Type: Sinking


The Spinbait 62 Alpha was a long-awaited lure in the Spinbait range that gives the finesse angler a deadly new weapon. With the Alpha 62, DUO pushes lure development and challenges innovation as we know it. This is an extremely compact Spybait with amazing action and a distinct ability to hit its target at great distances. Expectations were high during the development of this refined lure that went through a battery of tests to meet the stringent requirement for this new lure.

The little dog proved more than worthy for stringent finesse angling after going through the rigorous testing protocol. From profile and size to weight and action, the new Alpha.62 will provide the finesse angler a refreshing display of a lure literally emulating a baby shad. Your ability to increase your spybaiting skills beyond previous expectations has become a reality. The Alpha 62 will cast a mile and trace with the tightest profile in the deepest way!

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Wakasagi, Prism Gill, Morning Dawn


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