Duo Realis Reversible Lure Case – White/Silver


865.3″ x 3.4″ x 0.7″
1007.6″ x 3.9″ x 1.2″
1207.8″ x 4.9″ x 1.4″
1408.1″ x 5.7″ x 1.6″
1608.1″ x 6.7″ x 1.7″
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The Duo Realis Reversible Lure Case is a compact storage system that makes it easy to store a small selection of lures for a day out on the water. Featuring a two-side construction with open slots on each side, the slots are perfectly shaped to fit smaller, slender bait types, such as jerkbaits and topwaters. The two sides also allow anglers to easily organize different types of lures by size, color, and action.

The clear translucent lids make it easy to identify where each lure is located, and the durable latches also hold the two lids securely in place and help prevent your lures from getting damaged. Complete with a large Duo Realis decal, the Duo Realis Reversible Lure Case makes it easy to transport your favorite go-to lures.

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100 (7.5" x 4" x 1.2"), 120 (7.8" x 4.9" x 1.4"), 140 (8.1" x 5.7" x 1.6")


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