Deps Sakamata Shad 7″


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Designed and built in Japan, the Deps Sakamata Shad Soft Jerkbait is a highly refined soft jerkbait that produces an erratic baitfish action big bass simply can’t resist. It’s unique body shape and hydrodynamic profile has low water flow resistance, which makes it easy to perform a side-to-side darting action, even with the slightest twitches from the rod tip to trigger aggressive reaction strikes. The keeled fins along the head also channel water downward and force the bait upward to mimic a shad jumping on the surface to avoid predators. The fins act as stabilizers when paused and allow the bait to fall perfectly horizontal and not headfirst like other soft jerkbaits as well.

Molded with a deep grove along the belly for improved hook penetration and hook slots along the back to tex-pose your hook point for perfectly weedless rigging, the Deps Sakamata Shad Soft Jerkbait is deadly when fished weightless on your favorite EWG style hook and twitched at both slow and fast speeds. Other rigging techniques that are also very popular in Japan are rigging the Deps Sakamata Shad Soft Jerkbait on a small split shot rig or a heavy Carolina-rig to target fish in deeper water. Offered in multiple colors and sizes, the Deps Sakamata Shad Soft Jerkbait is a new take on the classic soft jerkbait to give the fish a new look and help you bring more weight to the scales.

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#12 Green Pumpkin, #140 Electric Shad, #108 Pearl Glitter, #114 Champagne Pepper Neon, #147 Purple Shad, #39 Pearl White, #96 Wakasagi, #129 HEAVY WEIGHT Reservoir Shad, #103 Smoke PPR Clear


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