Deps Rebound Stik Worm


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Featuring an uneven bulbous front and back end to create a complex water flow, the Deps Rebound Stik Worm delivers vivid wiggling action on the fall and ‘rebounds’ or bounces back with strong enticing vibrations after reaching the bottom. Poured with an ultra-soft plastic material with 30% salt content, the unique formula contains crustacean scent ingredients, and the non-salt material at the nose of the worm provides increased hardness to greatly reduce tearing over multiple hooksets.

Perfect for a wide range of rigging techniques, the smaller sizes are great for drop shots, neko, and wacky rigs while the larger worms excel with offset hooks when paired with punch shots, Texas, or free rigs. Emitting intense waves from its bulky, undulating, and fully ribbed stick worm body, the Deps Rebound Stik Worm delivers astonishing reaction bites with a quivering fall posture and powerful wave-like motion generated by the elastic motion of its bulky body.

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3", 5", 6"


#12 Green Pumpkin, #51 Green Pumpkin Orange, #51 Pumpkin Chartreuse, #123 Green Pumpkin Blue Flake / Smoke Blue, #138 Sunburn WTML / Blue Flake, #141 Baby Cherry Blossom / Blue Flake


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