Deps Lure Sleeve 3pk


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A must-have for big bait enthusiasts, the Deps Lures Sleeves are perfect for storing your large swimbaits that don’t fit inside traditional tackle boxes. Made from a durable plastic material, the Deps Lures Sleeves are easy to open by simply squeezing the top and bottom to insert your lure, no fumbling around with Velcro or snaps to open your lure sleeves. When closed they also apply a mild amount of force to the sides, which keeps baits secure and prevents them from sliding in and out of the sleeves during transportation. Perfect for throwing in a tackle bag or small backpack for shore angling, the Deps Lures Sleeves offer better protection and easier transport for your oversized swimbaits.

Large size – 12.6” x 3.7”
Recommended for Deps 250 Slide Swimmer or similar sized baits.


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