Decoy Worm120 HD Hook Masubari


If you don’t want to spend time tying a Palomar knot for dropshotting this is the hook for you

(5 Hooks/Pack)

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Slightly larger than the average dropshot hook, the Decoy HD Masubari Worm120 Hook allows anglers to utilize larger soft plastics with this highly effective technique. Built with a premium swivel attached to the eye, the Decoy HD Masubari Worm120 Hook eliminates the twisting effect that occurs while dropshotting. In addition, the Decoy HD Masubari Worm120 Hook also features a line clip that allows anglers to easily adjust leader length and switch out weights with ease. Spend less time rigging up your drop shot and more time putting fish in the boat with the Decoy HD Masubari Worm120 Hook.

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#1, #2, 1/0


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