Daiwa Neko Fat Worm


The Neko Rig is always a great option for finesse fishing. While most anglers use a weightless worm, the nail weight in the Neko Rig gives anglers the ability to use heavier gear and reach fish in deeper water, where weightless worms just aren’t practical to fish.  Available in a range of famous Yamamoto colors, the Daiwa Yamamoto Neko is another legendary bait in the making.

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The Daiwa Yamamoto Neko Fat gives anglers unmatched performance. Combining Daiwa’s precision detailing with Yamamoto’s legendary soft plastic, the Neko Fat Worm features a thick body similar to that of a Yamamoto Senko and also comes equipped with a bulbous tail, which provides a unique, quivering action. A great choice fished weightless, it is also absolutely deadly on a Neko Rig with a nail weight in the head.

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Electric Shad, Black w/LG Blue FLK, Brown/Purple Lam, Natural Shad, WTRMLN w/ Black FLK, Baby Bass, Green Pumpkin/ BLK FLK


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