Core Tackle Wacky Shot 3pk


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Designed to enhance the movement of your favorite wacky worm, the Core Tackle Wacky Shot is forged with a strategically placed weight for an increased fall rate that simultaneously elevates vibration on the fall for maximum appeal. Fixed with a custom-made hitchhiker screw to securely lock on your soft plastic worm, the Wacky Shot eliminates the need for any o-rings, tubing, or wacky rigging contraptions, and offers a quick and easy rigging process. With the worm rigged underneath the hook, the Wacky Shot creates an extra hook gap to increase your hookup rate and help you put more fish in the boat. Innovative and leading the the industry with great attention to detail, the Core Tackle Wacky Shot is the new and improved way to fish a wacky worm.

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