Biovex Joint Bait 142 SF


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Founded off the Japanese trend of “snake based action”, the Biovex Joint Bait 142 SF is the big brother of the Joint Bait 110 SF. Measuring 142 mm (5.5 inches) and weighing 1 ounce, the Joint Bait 142 SF was built for anglers looking for the same “S” style topwater action but engineered to be power fished on heavier tackle. Matched together with fluorocarbon line, the Joint Bait 142 SF provides a sub- surface waking action just below the water’s surface, once paused the bait sits motionless in the water column enticing both short strikers and/or followers into striking viciously. Combined with braid or monofilament line and the Joint Bait 142 SF snakes across the surface of the water simulating a fleeing baitfish and providing anglers with a topwater action made to trigger big bites from big bass.

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