Bass Mafia Daingerous Loaded Swimbait 7″


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Introducing the Bass Mafia Dangerous Swimbait 7″, designed in collaboration with professional angler Chris Zaldain. This innovative freshwater swimbait, featuring a lifelike body and custom paddle-tail, excels at drawing in big bass in open waters and around isolated targets. With hand-painted colors and a split dorsal design, this bait can be rigged in various ways to target specific water columns and improve hook-up ratios. Its natural fish anatomy and holographic eyeball add to the realistic swimming action, while the flattened under-belly and dual hook slots provide stability and multiple rigging options. Get ready to reel in some impressive catches with the Daingerous swimbait.

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Depth Zone

Deep, Shallow


Albino, BlackBack Shad, Texas Gizzard


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