Bass Mafia Daingerous Loaded Swimbait 6″


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A game-changing soft swimbait designed in collaboration with pro angler Chris Zaldain, the Bass Mafia Daingerous Loaded Swimbait 6″ is engineered to dominate open waters and trigger strikes, especially around big targets. Built to mimic natural forage, the Daingerous swimbait boasts lifelike fish anatomy, with a custom paddle-tail design that delivers irresistible swimming action that mimics the movement of baitfish. The flattened under-belly isolated ensures stability and reduces rolling during retrieval, while dual hook slots provide versatility for countless rigging options. For added flexibility, the split dorsal fin design allows for the inclusion of a stinger hook.

What sets the Dangerous Loaded Swimbait apart is its forward-looking holographic eyeball that creates an instinctive reaction from predatory fish to strike from any direction. When you’re ready to wreak havoc and entice the giants lurking in your local bodies of water, the Bass Mafia Dangerous Loaded Swimbait 6″ delivers the results you’re looking for with hand-painted colors that are incredibly realistic.

Bass MafiaLengthInternal WeightOverall Weight
Daingerous LD Shallow6″1/8oz1.6oz
Daingerous LD Deep6″1/4oz1.9oz

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Deep, Shallow


Albino, Blueback Herring, Black Back Shad, Texas Gizzard


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