6th Sense Cloud 9 Series Crankbaits


The Cloud 9 Series features a large bill that helps them dive quickly and produce a much wider wobbling action than most crankbaits

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The 6th Sense Cloud 9 Series is the ultimate line of mid-to-deep diving crankbaits. Premium color schemes along with the detailed features are what set this Series of crankbaits on a cloud above the rest – fish simply can't resist them. The unique bill and body profiles were engineered to ensure true running depths, while maintaining stabilized action keeping the bait inside the strike zone your looking for. Available in up to FIVE (5) different size models, each targeting various depth ranges, you can confidently find your fish from 4ft to over 25ft of water.

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C6, C15


Bluegill Spawn, Black Magic, Mud Gill, Custom Bluegill, Crimson Craw, 4K Bluegill, Chartreuse Pro Blue, 4K Shad, Boiled Crawfish


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