Waypoint Testing Tank Demo Baits


Baits we have personally tested in the Waypoint Angler Supply Demo Tank as seen on FaceBook/Instagram! These baits are are “used” and missing the ones tested in the video, it’s your chance to get the baits at a ridiculously low price!

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Demo Bait

Geecrack Earthy 4.2" GP Chartreuse, Nishine Drop-Shot hook #2, Geecrack Imo Kemushi 60 Clear Pink, Nories Padtue 2.5" Light Green Pumpkin, Geecrack Bugpee 2.2 Electric Shad, Lew's Mach 3" braid scissors, Duo Realis Wriggle ND Slim 3" Newt, Great Lakes Finesse 2.75" Drop Minnow Iridescent, Strike King ScounBug 3.5" Blue Craw, BassTrix Paddle Tail 4" AYU, Duo Realis G-Fix T-Hog (Green Pumpkin OB), Nishine Lure Works NAMAZU 4" Green Pumpkin, Geecrack Bugpee 3.5" – Muddy Gill, OSP Spinnuts 50mm – Blueback Cinnamon, Fish Arrow Flash J 3" Kosan Ayu, GEECRACK Bellows Stick 4.8" Ghost Gill, 6TH SENSE Panorama 2.8" 4K Shad, Deps Deathadder 3" #09, Geecrack Gyrostar 3.5" #048 Sexy Shad, RAID JAPAN Big 2WAY #84 Aomiso, Geecrack NEKO HACK Medium, Deps Bull Flat 2" #18


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