Ichikawa RC Flat Shad 65MD


The Ichikawa Fishing RC Flat Shad is a thin, flat sided crankbait designed specifically for cold water and low light conditions. The thin body shape and angles lip creates a tight vibration that even highly pressured bass can’t ignore

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Designed in collaboration with legendary crankbait angler and 4-time Bassmaster Classic champion Rick Clunn, the Ichikawa Rick Clunn Flat Shad Crankbaits displace tons of water and are detected better by larger fish through their lateral line. Built specifically for cold water cranking, the flat-sided and thin body shape of these crankbaits make them an ideal option when fishing in low light or dealing with poor visibility water conditions. By aligning the flat head shape with the same angle as the bill, the RC Flat Shad Crankbaits hit their targeted depths quickly and produce a tight vibration perfect for lethargic bass and pressured fisheries.

Entrusting the fine craftsmanship and Japanese engineering skills of Ichikawa Fishing, Rick believes they have succeeded in creating a consistent flat-sided crankbait with tolerances that achieve the quality, action, and durability needed to perform at fast reeling speeds. Armed with sticky sharp Kamakiri treble hooks, these crankbaits are ready to fish out of the

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