Deps Bumble Shad Swimbait


Length: 4″

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Designed to accurately mimic the swim of baitfish with pulsating wobbling action, the Deps Bumble Shad Swimbait suppresses rolling from its rampaging tail and converts the waves into an enticing left-right movement. Featuring a flat-sided body, unique bottleneck shape, and stabilizer fin to restrain rolling, the Bumble Shad sets itself apart from conventional shad tails with an unprecedented biological swimming action that anatomically mimics small forage and baitfish.

Poured with a two-layer structure to achieve a stable swim posture and unique swim response, the belly of the swimbait uses soft plastic packed with 30% salt content and the backside is made of a non-salt hard plastic material. Complete with a deeply grooved hook slot to greatly increase hook-up ratios with offset hooks, the Deps Bumble Shad Swimbait is the ideal snagless swimbait for shooting into shallow cover with Texas and no-sinker rigs or fishing deep on a swimbait or football jig.

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